cuBLITERATE Oculus Rift VR Demo



You have a gun, there are cubes, and you must destroy them. Sounds like a story line from another Transformers movie but this is the latest VR experience from Matthew Wachter. The concept for cuBLITERATE is very simple and yet very addictive. Few words of advice would be to watch for the cubes coming from the sides.

Download cuBLITERATE Oculus Rift VR

cuBLITERATE Oculus Rift Setup and Controls

Oculus Rift Mode: Direct or Extended
Controls: WASD and Mouse
Xbox Controller Support: Yes
Reset orientation: CTRL

cuBLITERATE Oculus Rift VRCircle Rating

Cost: Demo is Free

VRCircle barf rating

Performance (75 FPS Min): 10/10

Test Machine Specifications

*10 is no barf, 0 instant barf



Steven Paterson

Based in California. I am Scottish, I like Scotch and, oh yeah, a little VR too.