Dead and Buried Oculus Rift and Touch Q&A


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If you're a fan of the latest hit from HBO, Westworld. Then you may be interested in a Dead and Buried, an upcoming VR western game shipping FREE with Oculus Touch in December.

How did you navigate the challenges of motion sickness in Dead and Buried?

In traditional video games, moving through an environment usually won’t cause any discomfort if the user is a safe distance away from their screen. In VR, the world surrounds us, and moving around it can cause discomfort for some people.

In Dead and Buried, this challenge actually helped influence one of our game modes: Robbery. In this mode, one team tries to rob a train while the other attempts to stop them. The safe is located in the caboose and players battle it out through multiple train cars—sleeper cars, box cars, even a shootout on the roof! When one team wins a skirmish, that team advances while the other falls back. This provides a sense of progression while keeping it comfortable.

How does social interaction affect the VR experience in Dead and Buried?

VR and social go hand-in-hand. Waving to your friend, fist-bumping, or high-fiving, then working together to solve a puzzle or participate in a frantic, competitive shootout—it’s just fun.

When designing Dead and Buried, we had social scenarios we wanted players to experience: a shootout in an old saloon, a duel at high noon, the list goes on. These scenarios drove a lot of our design and decision-making and are a taste of what players will experience in the full game.