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Dear Angelica is the latest movie from the new Oculus Story Studio. To date, Henry is still my favorite. However, Dear Angelica is now a very close second due to it's innovative approach to VR Movie making.

Dear Angelica is an animated VR movie telling the story of Angelica and her daughter, with the vocals from Geena Davis and Mae Whitman. The story is of grief, loss, and love, Dear Angelica plays out in a series of painted memories, entirely painted by hand inside of VR and appear around you.

As the movie plays, the scenes construct themselves around you as individual strokes are rendered in real-time for a truly interactive viewing experience. You can view the video from any angle and even walk around the room for new a perspective.

Art Director Wesley Allsbrook painted every scene entirely by hand, for each character and set. The movie was developed entirely from within VR and made possible by Quill and Medium, both developed by Oculus.

Dear Angelica is available for FREE from Oculus home and available now.