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Playing 360-degree or 180-degree videos on either the Rift or Vive has alway been rather hit or miss. Many of the better players on the DK2 such the VRPlayer were never updated for the CV1 or Vive. 

Up till now, Whirligig was the best player in town, and one could argue still is due its maturity. Whirligig can be downloaded and purchased through Steam for $3.99 and is compatible for Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

Adding to the short list of decent video players is the recent newcomer called DEO VR. DEO VR already has support for the Rift and will release their HTC Vive version September 3.

DEO VR Features

  • Straightforward and easy to use interface for loading local files.
  • 360, 180 and flat screens with Side-By-Side and Top-Bottom 3D support.
  • Support all major formats assuming you have the required CODEC such as CCCP.
    I tested with MP4, AVI, and MKV with video and sound working with DD 5.1 and DTS.
  • Sagittal plane zoom (it's a killer!) and tilt
  • Streaming YouTube with 360 support (just hit the full-screen button)
  • Automatic detection of projection and stereoscopy in many videos.
  • Saves screen settings for previously loaded videos.

DEO VR Controls

DEO VR can be controlled by either the Oculus remote for the Rift or XBox controller.

Playing 360-Degree YouTube Videos

One of the great features of DEO VR is the ability to play YouTube 360-degree videos easily all from within their very simple to use User Interface (UI). The player presents a simple YouTube browser window for you; it will display a message saying this browser is not supported but does not affect the ability play the video. Select the highest quality video your bandwidth will allow and press the full-screen button.

With the 4K 360-degree videos from YouTube, you can finally enjoy high-quality VR videos on your Rift or Vive.

NOTE: You may need to change your default audio device to Rift headphones if you get no audio.

DEO VR Features Coming Soon

The devs at DEO VR plan to release an update to the Player shortly to support IPD adjustment from within the player. The Gear VR is coming September 2 and Vive September 3.

DEO VR can be downloaded for the very special price of FREE directly from their site.