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Last month I raved about my new favorite VR Video player, DEO VR. However, it was available only to the Oculus Rift at the time. Little later than planned, DEO VR is now available for the HTC Vive with a few extras and a few caveats too.

We didn't want to release the player without getting these features ready. That is why we had to postpone a few times. Rift version will be updated to Vive functionality during the next week.

New Features Added to DEO VR

  • IPD adjustment
  • Zoom
  • Tilt
  • Subtitles (subtitle filename should match video filename)
  • Playback speed (yep, you can have it in slo-mo)
  • Fisheye videos correct playback (say hi to NaughtyAmerica videos)
  • Force monoscopic
  • Contrast/Brightness/Saturation
  • Antialiasing settings
  • Background color selection
  • Mirror mode toggle
  • Supersampling

Those hoping for VR 360-degree YouTube videos will need to wait a little longer. The YouTube feature is only available on the Oculus Rift. The new features listed above will be coming to the Oculus Rift shortly.

HTC Vive DEO VR Controls

DEO VR is controlled by either an XBox controller or the HTC hand controllers.

DEO VR can be downloaded for the very special price of FREE directly from their site.

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