Developer Illusion Bring Adult Entertainment Closer To Virtual Reality


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Men like porn and women often like porn but will often not admit to it.

The Adult Entertainment industry are often on the cusp of the latest technology to make the adult experience as real as possible. What better way to make it more real than in VR?

The erotic software developer Illusion brings adult VR even closer by allowing the user to "virtually" experience sex with a porn star. Specifically the very popular(in Japan) AV starlet Mana Sakura.

In making the software called Playgirls [NSFW], the company photographed Sakura in a number of stages of undress using a 3D scanner to replicate each of her curves in digital form including her skin’s texture right down to the moles.

Naturally, the game is customizable allowing users to instruct Sakura to erotically pose in 17 different ways and in 51 scenes such as the beach or poolside. A number of costume changes for the actress are available (including bikinis), with below-the-belt nudity which is likely obscured by a mosaic which is common in Japan.

Another version of Playgirls, which sells for 4,800 yen, features actress Yui Hatano. The company expects to release more editions starring other actresses in the future.