Dirt Rally Coming to PSVR


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Dirt Rally is already available on the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive since the middle of last year. Developer Codemasters is now bringing the Rally Racer to PSVR shortly. They did not specify how shortly other to say "in the coming weeks."

The Dirt Rally update for PSVR brings the console version of the game up to and beyond the Oculus Rift version. The update lets you play through the entire game in VR, including casual races, championships, and daily/weekly/monthly leaderboard challenges in a rally, rallycross, and hill climb disciplines.

However, Codemasters leveraged the PSVR’s Social Screen feature to enable localized multiplayer rally racing. The social screen gameplay scenario puts the driver inside the VR headset, while a second player uses a controller and the TV to fill the role of the navigator. The Social Screen player sends the driver instructions to help navigate through the often-deadly course at breakneck speeds.

PSVR owners, watch this space.