Do Viveport games work on the Oculus Rift?


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With HTC now offering Viveport via a monthly subscription priced at $6.99 for any 5 titles. Oculus owners are wondering, can we get in on this action too?

The monthly plan is certainly an attractive offer, especially given the first month is free. However, for Oculus owners, do the titles work?
Some items to consider when running Viveport titles:

  • Your title will work better if your Rift setup supports room scale. This means you will need the three sensors. Otherwise, you will be restricted to more seated and standing experiences.
  • The Touch and Vive controllers are different. Therefore, you will often see the Vive controllers from within VR. Normally you can find which buttons are the equivalent by trial and error.
  • Some users have complained that Viveport slowed down their machine. In later versions, this has been mostly resolved.
    Given that you can select 5 titles, if one does not work, you can try another later.

Viveport games that work on the oculus rift

  • Guided Meditation.
  • We Are Stars.
  • Stonehenge VR.
  • Cloudlands.
  • Dimensional (Includes accurate Touch models) Thanks Brett!

Viveport games that DO NOT work on the Oculus Rift

Which did not work? So far, Firebird - La Peri did not work.

Let us know in the comments below your experiences so far and which titles did and did not work.