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Henry is a hedgehog who likes hugs. But since he has spikes very few people wish to hug him. As a result, he feels very lonely.
Will you be his friend?

Oculus has released a short (just over a minute long) trailer of the upcoming short movie Henry from Oculus Story Studio. The full movie will be released along with the Rift in Q1 2016.
The short trailer does not have any background just Henry looking at you and following you with his eyes. It may be short but is sweet and worth downloading. Your kids will like it.

Update May 2016

The full Henry movie is available in Oculus Home as a free download. This works with the Consumer Rift and the DK2 with version 1.3 of the runtime.

 Trailer for the full movie (Not this trailer download)

Henry Trailer - Setup & Controls

Download: Download the Oculus VR Henry Trailer
Install: unzip, start the Henry Trailer by loading Henry.exe.
Oculus Rift Mode: Direct.
Oculus Runtime: 0.7. (Know issues on prior versions)

  • Space bar starts the demo while looking towards DK2 camera
  • Look around with the Rift
  • R Resets HMD orientation
  • [Comma] Decreases quality and increases performance
  • [Period] Increases quality and increases performance
  • ALT + F4 quits the demo

Henry VR Trailer - VRCircle Rating

VRCircle barf rating

Cost: FREE
Performance: 10/10 
Test Machine Specifications
*10 is no barf, 0 instant barf