Eagle Flight now available now on Oculus Rift Coming Soon on PSVR and Vive


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Eagle Flight is now available on the Rift, then coming to PSVR on November 8 and HTC Vive on December 20.

Eagle flight is a bird simulator (yes, a bird simulator) where you play the role of an Eagle as you take to the skies in Paris in the future.

You can take your pick from either the story mode where you need to complete small missions or multiplayer mode where you can play with up to five other players in a "capture the prey" mode.

The game takes place in Paris, France, which is now overrun by various animals after the end of humanity. Not sure what happened to the humans, oh well. You start by watching your parents help you hatch from an egg, then suddenly you’re an adult off on your own. You then go about your life as an eagle, learning to catch fish, finding a mate, and taking down other birds of prey and bats. This all sounds different and possibly interesting but I found it pretty boring.

The actual gameplay of the story mode consists of a few different types of missions, most of which are slightly different-looking variations of the same thing. Much of the game you fly through a series of rings in a specific order, while another type of mission has you racing through fish jumping out of the water. Sure, they are slightly different, but in the end, you’re just flying as fast as you can through very specific areas. 

The graphics in the game are far from AAA. I suspect an easy way to keep to the 90 fps required minimum. You can buy Eagle Flight for Oculus Rift for $40, which frankly given the fact the game can be finished in about two hours, seems steep. But then again, many VR games now have the same problem.