Elite Dangerous 1.05 Gamma Released



Elite Dangerous 1.05 Gamma Released
Gamma 1.05 is now live. The change log is as follows:

Crash Fixes

  • Fix for crash seen during processing of the render queue

Tweaks and general fixes

  • Fix for sudden Starport rotation jumps
  • Fix for game time getting out of sync between clients
  • Fix for multiple stars having same system address
  • Fix for not being able to purchase ships even when player has enough money tied up in their current ship to part exchange
  • Added resource loading failure reports
  • Added telemetry to help investigate why resource overlays sometimes get into a dead state

Server updates

  • Players should once again be eligible for their own stock allocation of rare goods instead of sharing one with everybody shopping at that Station
  • Outfitting shops throughout inhabited space should now stock a greater variety of internal modules
  • Start creating news articles when minor factions change state in response to Commanders' actions and inactions.
  • Minor improvements to server reliability, user presence and matchmaking
Tested and seems good. Safe to install.



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