Elite Dangerous 1.1 Beta Released


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The Elite Dangerous 1.1 Beta has been released. You'll need to update your launcher which will now present  you the option of playing the release version or 1.1 Beta.

Elite Dangerous 1.1 Beta Released

Here are a list of the features added to the 1.1 Beta. I personally like the Gas Giant, Parallax shader for clouds and city light enhancements. Nice touches. Will test for a day or so and report back if any problems (Especially DK2 related) are found.


  • Community Goals added
  • Route planning extended to 1,000 ly
  • Russian language translations added
  • Add 'Discovered by' tag to system map - needs to be surfaced scanned
  • Fancy new gas giant shader
  • City lights on inhabited planets
  • Pilots Federation rank decals
  • Parallax shader for cloud layer on terrestrial planets
  • Add explored system details on the right hand side of the cartographics shop
  • Top benefactors support added to system map

  • Prevent shadow manager trying to unregister view nodes that it never registered
  • Fix a crash caused by systems with stations only orbiting non-habitable planets
  • In the safety checking of the start location, make sure the body we are trying to load at exists, if it doesn't start around the largest star instead
  • Prevent crash when generating star textures on low end hardware
  • Prevent crash in the targetting system
  • Fix possible crash entering capital ship scenarios
  • Fix file load hardlock
  • Fix potential crash in tutorials
  • Fix a crash where limpet's parent exists but not fully created
  • Don't crash when the AI looks up a ship state
  • Fix crash selecting decal in livery
  • Prevent softlock when a mission is progressing as a location transfer occurs