Elite Dangerous 1.2 Wings Update


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Elite Dangerous 1.2 Wings Update - Vulture Ship

New Vulture Ship - Click to zoom.

Last month Frontier games released Elite Dangerous 1.1. Now, a month later, they have added even more features and bug fixes in their 1.2 update called "Wings"

Players will be able to share lots of feedback across the wing—who is targeting who, hull and shield statuses, etc.—and more easily follow each other in and out of Super Cruise," Lead Designer Sandro Sammarco explained in our preview from last month. But counterbalancing that increase in firepower will be "larger, more dangerous signal sources, where single ships would be at serious risk," he added. "Those signal sources will be perfect battlegrounds for coordinated squadrons, and they’ll find the rewards—in terms of bounties and cargo—will be suitably elevated in line with the challenge.
In addition to some new features players can now purchase two new ships. The Fer-de-Lance (heavy combat ship) and the Vulture (dedicated heavy fighter). Both appear to be amazing new ships, however they are very expensive so only the "well heeled Elite" will be able to afford them

After a few hours of testing. All seems to be well in the world of Elite Dangerous 1.2. Oculus Rift support is working just as expected.

Elite Dangerous 1.2 - New features & content

  • Wings functionality added
  • Added playable ship:Fer-de-Lance
  • Added playable ship: Vulture
  • Comms interface overhaul
  • Added AI Groups
  • Added ability to reboot destroyed sub systems (modules)
  • Flyable debug camera with limited range added (CTRL+ALT+SPACE)

Elite Dangerous 1.2 - Stability Fixes:

  • Fix issue in low level animation code
  • Prevent crash trying to get kinematic outputs from non live ships when spawning limpet debris
  • Prevent crash when shadow lights are being shut down
  • Fix crash in beam weapons
  • Fix a crash when trying to create asteroids in transition locations
  • Prevent crash on Anaconda creation with damage regions not correctly initialised
  • Fix for asteroid ring soft-lock
  • Fix for unreleased dynamic material set on shutdown
  • Crash dereferencing an invalid interface on shutdown fixed
  • Fix for crash on entering WOLFPACK TACTICS and SUPPLY STRIKE tutorials
  • Prevent crash when there is a null surface for a planet
  • Fix for game crashing whenever we mouse-over an AFM in outfitting
This is all good stuff. Unfortunately nothing new on the Oculus Rift side of things but at least Elite Dangerous is still one of the best Oculus Rift games.

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