Elite Dangerous Beta 1.1 Coming February 3. What to expect?


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As reported a few weeks ago. Frontier games are ready to release their first beta since their initial 1.0 release on February 3.
So what will be provided to budding Elite Commanders? New features, new looks and some recognition for all the explorers charting the Milky Way. Highlights include:

  • Become famous
    The first Commander to discover a new star system will be credited for their pioneering work with a permanent “Discovered By” credit on the galaxy map. You'll even receive credit for discoveries in the two months since Gamma.
  • I name this ship "Insert your name here"
    One of the new Community Goals will task players with sourcing materials for the construction of a Federation or Imperial capital ship. Successful completion of the goal will mean a new, named vessel out among the stars, and the player who transports and donates the most material will have the honor of choosing its name – subject to approval of course.
    Another Community Goal will see players scout out viable locations for a new starport, and work together to transport the vast amount of material needed to see the starport constructed week by week in-game.
  • Graphical enhancements such as depth on gas giants and new and more varied ships
Players of the Beta will be on a separate server from the release version. So those players happy playing on the stable (mostly) release servers will not be affected by the beta players.
Those wishing to brave the new frontier of the beta you can always revert back if you wish.

See you in space.