Elite Dangerous BETA 3 Released



Elite Dangerous have updated their Beta program to version 3 in the run up to the final release date sometime in Q4 2014.

Version 2 is just over a month old (September 30th) so the folks over at Frontier are working hard.

Elite Dangerous 3 brings some pretty neat new features including the ability to refuel by fuel scooping next to the sun and perform mining on androids (metal and rock) to collect and sell the ore. There are also cooler looking planets with more dynamic detail.
Here is a summary of the Oculus Rift features/fixes in Beta 3:

  • Avoid a crash that may happen when switching from side-by-side mode to Oculus Rift in the main menu
  • Make camera view in system map less incorrect for Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Rift/System map: Tweak the min/max dolly distances when OR is enabled, to try and get the same feel (sizes, proximity) as when OR is disabled
  • Oculus Rift/Direct Access: Allow the window to be resized to the desired dimensions (the ones specified in the options menu), while making sure the swap chain is created respecting the size of the Oculus Rift display, when Direct Access is enabled
  • Oculus Rift/Galaxy Map: Billboards are now closer to the camera than they were, and have also a larger scale, and the billboard reference technique breaks for them
  • Oculus Rift/Loading Screen: Push the ship models forward to prevent clipping artifacts if the camera gets too close to them
  • Hide System Map UI when the dolly distance is small (if the user is using Oculus Rift

The game is running fine on my system so far, Oculus support is good to go. So far the planets and suns look amazing. You'll also see some new features that may surprise you (will post them to YouTube soon)

Here is the full list of new features and bug fixesSee you in space!



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