Elite Dangerous Commanders 2.3 Update Ship Types For Multi-Crew


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Elite Dangerous Update 2.3 includes the ability to join crew mates in the same spaceship. Some ships support one person, others two or three. The following table lists the ship types in Elite Dangerous along with the number of seats available.

If anyone has any corrections to this list, please let me know in the comments below.

Ship Seats Fighter Capable?
Sidewinder 1 No
Eagle / Imperial Eagle 1 No
Hauler 1 No
Viper Mk III / Mk IV 1 No
Diamondback Scout / Diamondback Explorer 1 No
Imperial Courier 1 No
Type 6 1 No
Type 7 1 No
Keelback 1 Yes
Adder 2 No
Cobra Mk III / Mk IV 2 No
Vulture 2 No
Imperial Clipper 2 No
Federal Dropship / Federal Assault Ship / Federal Gunship 2 Gunship only
Python 2 No
Asp Scout / Asp Explorer 2 No
Fer-de-Lance 2 No
Orca 2 No
Anaconda 3 Yes
Type 9 3 Yes
Beluga 3 Yes
Imperial Cutter 3 Yes
Federal Corvette 3 Yes