Elite Dangerous Gamma 2 Released



Frontier games has released another update to their Elite Dangerous Gamma release to bring it to version 2.0
There is a new launcher, which looks pretty nice and a very long change log. Too long to list here so I created an Elite Dangerous Gamma 2.0 change log

Notable items for the Oculus Rift include the update to the Oculus SDK version 0.4.4. Other items that pertain to the Oculus Rift are the following:

  • Updating Oculus SDK to version 0.4.4
  • Fix Station Services menu losing focus when looking at the Comms Pannel with Oculus Rift
  • When using oculus rift with supercruise the positional shift of the player's head can clip through seat fixed
  • Loading screen spinning ship is missing from one eye of Oculus Rift fixed
  • System map/Oculus Rift: Ensure the camera, which has a different range of distances from stars and planets when using Oculus Rift, can never get too close to them, by taking into account the maximum radius of the miniatures
  • System map/Oculus Rift: When calculating the range of distances for the camera, take into account the playspace, since the user can always stand up and move forward. This takes the camera even further away by default, but makes sure we won't get any clipping with stars when using Oculus Rift
  • System Map: Don't try to use the Oculus service to refine the dolly range if it is not available
  • Oculus - Having the station services open blocks your view of the comms panel, so don't focus on it when looking at it
  • Unable to use the UI focus button on pad or keyboard after unplugging the Oculus fixed
  • Charging bar and countdown HUD elements on cockpits moved to the correct position for Oculus



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