Elite Dangerous Release v1.0.0 Findings, Bugs and Issues


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Elite Dangerous v1.0.0.0

Elite Dangerous is now over 1 day into the first official release at version
From the last Gamma release here are the changes listed in the official release:

  • Prevent missions soft locks when switching servers from A->B->A without disconnecting from A
  • Check if we should use the neutron star's version of the bolometric luminosity first to prevent soft lock
  • Avoid crash in creating a location object when it hits a rare window
  • Sky box view distance to reduce hyperspace times to some galaxy areas, sparser sky in distant arm regions, but most importantly no more out of memory problems
I have played this on my usual test bed machine with my regular monitor for a few hours and my Oculus Rift DK2 for a few hours. How many problems did I find? None. Yes, that is right, none. Didn't crash, didn't do anything strange. Playing with the DK2 it was very immerse. This is certainly a tribute to the Beta program for development. Without the Beta program this may have been more like a Battlefield launch with bugs and server issues. Great job Frontier games!

Interview With David Braben
David explains some of the highlights of the development process, story background and thoughts on features.
You may skip to 8:20 seconds to hear David Braben talk about DK2. If you're wondering what controller he recommends for Elite Dangerous? Saitek X52 Pro. Which I own and have to say, is pretty awesome!

Thinking of heading to Sol system to check out Earth, Moon or Saturn? Wondering if it is worth the journey?
Here are some highlights from the Sol system.