End Space Comes to Gear VR


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End Space VR was one of the earlier shooters around for Google Cardboard. Now, End Space is available for Gear VR. Unlike the Cardboard version the Gear VR version comes with full gamepad support and enhanced graphics.

End Space VR is available from Oculus Home for $7.99

Written by one developer?

In a word, yes. End Space developed by Justin Wasilenko, a wildland forest firefighter, turned web designer and by night independent game developer. In 3 months he developed End Space for the Gear VR after being encouraged by the critical success of End Space VR for Cardboard. He moved from Canada to Germany in 2014 and where he currently resides with his wife and baby girl. He started working on End Space VR for Cardboard in February 2015 as a side project after a Christmas visit with his brother who demoed an early game he built using Unity and showed off his pizza box turned into a Google Cardboard. Seeing a bright future in VR, he has turned his full attention to developing End Space across multiple platforms.

Plans for End Space include:

  • Oculus Rift & HTC Vive Support – With upgraded graphics and HOTAS control
  • PS VR in October
  • Multiplayer across every  supported VR platform (Gear VR vs. Rift, vs. Vive, vs. PS VR)
  • More missions
  • More weapons
  • 3rd person camera mode