Endless Reach VR Demo on Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 DK2


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Barf Factor : 10/10 (Safe)
*10 is no barf, 0 instant barf

Want a good old fashioned shooter? You got it in the Endless Reach VR Demo.
Brings me back to the old Atari games except in VR with decent graphics. It's the 80s in the 21st Century!

The game only works with the Xbox 360 controller however. I sold mine (bummer) but I use my PS4 controller on the PC (which is pretty easy to do and works well)

The instructions are as follows for the controls:

Head Tracking - Lock On Target [look at target to lock]
Left Analog - Drone movement
Left Stick Down (L3) - Unused
Right Analog - Unused
Right Stick Down (R3) - Unused
Directional pad - Menu movement
A - Fire
X - Purge [when prompted]
B - Missile [when locked on target]
Y - Unused
Left Trigger - Boost [hold to continue]
Right Trigger - Unused
Left Shoulder - Toggle FPS counter
Right Shoulder - Unused
Start - Pause / Unpause
Back - Reset HMD Orientation

Here is the demo video: