Enjoy your own personal arcade with Operation Warcade VR


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If you enjoy walking into an arcade and playing some games, then Operation Warcade VR is for you.

Operation Warcade VR is inspired by the '80s classic war arcade. You can choose to play in front of the arcade machine, pick up the gun and shoot till your heart's content. If you prefer, you can travel inside the video game whenever you want, especially useful for flying aircraft.

Operation Warcade VR

Operation Warcade VR is an excellent way to relive hanging out in the 80s arcades. Except for this time, you do need to find money to play. If you get bored, you can walk around the arcade and hit anyone or anything.

Operation Warcade VR is available from Steam on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and supports full motion controllers, priced at $13.99.