Eridanus Wars Concept Demo For Oculus Rift


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Eridanus Wars demo for Oculus Rift is an example of another great Oculus Rift demo currently on Kickstarter.
Their goal is £6,000 with 10 days to go, so far they have £919.

In this Concept Demo you are in one of the Federation ships, defending your station from a minor Eridan attack. Fly around, explore the station and I would also recommend paying a visit to the large Eridan destroyer in the distance. The demo is to give a "feel" for the game that we hope to build should a Kickstarter campaign be successful.

Our aim is to build this game into an online persistent universe and have 40-60 players batting for control of each sector with Destroyers and Space Stations fully enabled and able to be captured/destroyed. Also players ships are multi-seat, so a buddy can join you in the cockpit and man the secondary weapon system.

In this Concept Demo you are in one of the Federation ships, defending your station from a minor Eridan attack. The AI is extremely basic as this is just an Alpha demo. You can fly around, explore the station and fly over the large Eridan destroyer in the distance. The Demo is time limited to 5 minutes. After the timeout, exit and re-open to start again. The Kickstarter backers will offered a demo with no time limit as one of the benefits.
The demo reminds me of Star Citizen. Except for the fact that Star Citizen does not work on the DK2. So I'll take this for now.

Set Up

Oculus Rift:"Direct to Rift" mode.
Run the "EridanusWarsConceptDemo_v023_Direct to rift.exe" 

Alternative (should you get stutter / judder):
Oculus "Extended" mode.
Double click on ""EridanusWarsConceptDemo_v023.exe".
In the menu select your quality settings and the Rift display, then press ok (If you don't get a menu, hold shift while you double click the .exe).


Recenter Rift: Y / Button 4
Exit: X
Switch Roll and Yaw: S (Recommended that you leave this on defaults to help reduce any sickness)

Joystick controls:
Pitch and Yaw: Stick  
Roll: Rudder 
Throttle: Throttle (if you don't have a throttle use Left Shift and Left Ctrl)
Fire Lasers:Button 1
Fire Missile:Button 2 (you only get 2 as they are powerful.  Be sure to select a target first!)
Weapon Mode:Button 3 (rapid fire laser or head tracked turret)
Target Selection: Hat

Joypad Controls:
Pitch and Yaw: Left Stick  
Roll: Right Stick
Throttle: Right trigger forward, Left trigger for reverse.
Fire Lasers:Button 1 / A
Fire Missile:Button 2 / B
Weapon Mode:Button 3 / X
Target Selection: Dpad

Pitch and Yaw:  Arrow Keys
Roll: Right Ctrl and Number Pad 0
Increase Throttle: Left Shift
Decrease Throttle: Left Ctrl
Fire Lasers:Left Alt
Fire Missile:Space
Target Selection:</div>
Weapon Mode:z

Cost: Free (Optional contribution to Kickstarter)
Barf Factor: 8/10 (If you repeat many times over, depends on how you fly)
Performance: 10/10
Test Machine Specifications
*10 is no barf, 0 instant barf