EVE: Valkyrie Groundrush Takes Combat To The Surface April 11


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EVE: Valkyrie, the game just meant for VR just keeps getting better. CCP games will be releasing their latest and 5th update to the game on April 11 titled Groundrush.

Prior updates included Carrier Assault, Joint Strike, Gatecrash, and Wormholes. The latest update titled Groundrush will be the 5th and brings combat down to the planet's surface.

EVE: Valkyrie Groundrush pic 1

EVE: Valkyrie Groundrush pic 2

The Groundrush update includes a new map called Solitude. In a recent PSVR blogpost:

Groundrush update you will gain access to our stunning new map, Solitude. This is a radical departure from the battlefields of open space as the action is set against the backdrop of our first combat zone located on a planet’s surface. We’re excited to see how pilots adapt their techniques to capitalize on all the new hazards (and opportunities) that come with this new environment.

Also in this update, you'll see changes to the Co-Op mode which is now expanded to include both Control and Carrier Assault game modes.

See you in space.