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Tuesday 17 May CCP Games will release a new patch for the VR Game Eve Valkyrie. However, this is not your regular patch with a few fixes. CCP include several new and updated features as well as the important bug fixes.

Eve Valkyrie - New and Updated Features

  • NEW! Results Screen
  • NEW! Reward Screen
  • NEW! Joystick Controller Mapping
  • NEW! Ship Comparison Feature
  • NEW! Session player invites for Squads
  • Progression changes: Unlocking Heavy & Support
  • Progression Changes: Crafting pre-requisite removed
  • Progression Changes: Launch Tubes can now be purchased
  • Gameplay & Balance: Reduced clone vat resources on Team Death Match
  • Gameplay & Balance: Reduced manual respawn time
  • Gameplay & Balance: Missile-lock can be manually cancelled
  • Gameplay & Balance: Lock-on weapon’s now target drones
  • Gameplay & Balance: Salvage expiring time reduced
  • Menus: Improved iconography & text descriptions
  • Menus: Classified Ship blueprints are no longer ghosted
  • Menus: Improved description for Legendary Ships
  • In game HUD: Kill feed is delayed after death
  • In game HUD: Victory or Defeat banner added
  • Basic Training
  • Art: New male pilot head

Eve Valkyrie - Bug and stability fixes

  • Heavy ships now have correct weapon load outs when viewed in the Hangar
  • Fixed bug in Control game mode so that capturing more objectives further increases the drain rate on the enemy clone vat
  • Added fade out effect on expiring Salvage
  • Added confirmation pop-up for all gold purchases
  • Fixed crosshair bug with Siren upgrade. Now shows correct missile count
  • Fixing an issue where Cyclone upgrades weren't working as expected
  • Fixing an issue where Gorgon upgrades weren't working as expected
  • Fixing an issue where Spur upgrades weren't working as expected
  • Fix for Aegis Flak cannons not applying damage on hit
  • Visual update Ships Stats Screen. Ships stats have been updated to be more accurate
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