EVE: Valkyrie VR - Carrier Assault


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EVE: Valkyrie already has some of the best space combat around and in VR on the Oculus Rift it is probably the best VR game around, so far.

CCP Games are taking the next logical step in combat by assaulting the large carriers you can already see in the game today. 

EVE: Valkyrie VR - Carrier Assault should be available sometime in 2016.

The game may go something like this...

1: Skirmish

For pilots to get up close to the Carrier, its shields must be taken offline. There are three control points across the map, and if a team can take ownership of two control points, they will disable the enemy carrier shields for a limited amount of time. This stage works in the same manner as the Control game mode – each player can deploy a drone at a control point to capture it, but players must be mindful and protect their drones while also destroying enemy drones if they want to capture successfully a control point.

Stage 2: Attack

Let’s say the Valkyrie successfully captured two control points; this now means they can attack the Schism carrier. Conversely, it’s time for the Schism to defend their carrier from the Valkyrie. Cooling Nodes are located all around the carrier, and players will have to fly in and destroy them, taking care to avoid the carrier’s turrets as well as the defending team.

Stage 3: Breach

If enough Cooling Nodes are destroyed, the carrier’s Core will be exposed – this is a final position near the centre of the carrier. If the Valkyrie inflict enough damage to the Core, it will go critical, destroying the Schism carrier in the process, granting decisive victory to the Valkyrie!