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Everest VR Adds Oculus Touch Support

Imagine trying to climb a mountain with no hands? Trying to climb Everest in VR without touch is just as bad (sarcastic comment)

HTC Vive owners had controller support from the beginning when Everest first launched in August last year. Now that touch support has been added, I can wholeheartedly recommend purchasing the experience.

Since the initial launch of the game. The developer has added several new features such as God Mode, allowing you to fly around the mountain after you complete the trip to the Summit. There's now an interactive first-person climbing sequence that takes you up the Lhotse Face.

The developers have significantly optimized the graphics settings from the first launch of the game. Initially, you needed a GTX 980ti to run the game on high settings. Now, 970 should do it.

Powered by the Unreal Engine, Everest VR pushes the envelope of real-time graphics to deliver AAA visual fidelity that you will not find anywhere else.

Everest VR

Everest VR is available for $14.99 on the Oculus Home store. Strangely, the developer didn’t add Rift support to the Steam VR version of the game.