Virtual Reality is cool. Exploring deep space is even cooler. Combine the two? Awesome!

Space VR, a small upstart based out of San Francisco, California have launched a Kickstarter campaign to send 360-degree camaras to the International Space Station (ISS). Anyone can experience what its like to float through the space station, experience a space walk, or perhaps later explore the Moon and even Mars.

Space VR are targeting a late 2015 launch for the camera and have closed a contract with Made In Space to 3D print the camera casing on the International Space Station using their design model. This is to keep payload weight low and derail any issues in the transportation of the casing.

Experience Space Travel With Space VR

Once the camers has been assembled on the ISS, they will begin to collect the first virtual reality footage from space! This footage will be taken from the Cupola module, whose large windows provide the perfect place from which to observe the Earth. 

In order to view the footage you can use use any VR device including: Google Cardboard , HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and others. 
Timeline for Spacve VR

  • Live-streaming content from space to your VR headset. You can see what's happening in orbit in real-time.
  • Sending a VR camera to the moon in 2017.
  • Landing a VR camera on an asteroid in 2022.
  • Launching a remote controllable cube-sat VR camera system into orbit. You can not only control where the satellite goes, but also see exactly what it's seeing from your headset!
  • Going to Mars as soon as 2026.
These are pretty lofty goals. Space travel timelines are often blown through. How much will this cost you?
If will cost you $75 for 3 months of access to the footgage or you want a year it goes up to $250. Certainly not cheap but much cheaper than going into space.

So far in their Kickstarter they have just over $11k out of their goal of $500k with 28 days to go.

Good luck.



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