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In August last year, SpaceVR launched a Kickstarter campaign to launch a small camera into space aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

The idea was that backers would pay to able to be able to have access to the footage over subscription periods.

Although the Kickstarter campaign was cancelled. Their plans did not go away. Instead, SpaceVR plans to have their camera float in space, no longer requiring the ISS. SpaceVR raised $1.25 million in capital from the Shanda Group and plan to launch their camera, named Overview 1 into space.

The camera will beam back footage to be stitched together and viewed by users. However, their eventual goal is 24/7 live streaming back to earth. You can be the first to see E.T. 

How much? Just $35 will gain you unlimited access for one year along with a basic VR device, such as cardboard.
You can pre-order here.