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The Amazon is a trip everyone should take. I visited several years ago and still think back to that journey. When others ask me what it was like, I say "It was like stepping into the Discovery Channel."
I watched villagers spear fish from canoes, and ants walk the forest floor with leaves on their back, anacondas swim in the river and even Dolphins (Yes, there are Dolphins in the Amazon)

Now, with the help of VR, anyone with a VR setup can experience a taste of the Amazon.

The 360-Degree VR film, called "Under the Canopy," brings viewers into the depths of the Amazon. The film begins at the top of a 200-foot-tall Ceiba tree. You will then descend to the rainforest floor and introduced to your local indigenous guide.

The film shows you the wildlife and the beauty of the Amazon. But also how people are destroying it for short term monetary gain. The Amazon plays a significant role in absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and slowing the progression of global warming. It is, therefore, essential these "lungs of the earth" are protected before it is too late.

VR quality of the film is top notch. If you look carefully, you will be able to see the stitching and some morphing of straight objects as they move.

The 360-Degree video is available FREE on YouTube to watch on any device.

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