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Explore the World with Outerra and Anteworld On Oculus Rift

Explore the World with Outerra Oculus Rift 

Outerra is a graphics exploration engine allowing you to explore the Earth from orbit all the way down to blades of grass. You can fly around in what they call "UFO Mode" or even fly a plane, helicopter or simply walk around. Full Oculus Rift support makes for a happy VR fan.

The Outerra engine is currently in development and includes an Alpha release of Anteworld. The full game includes more vehicles, allows you to use vehicle mods made by users, a basic sandbox tool set allowing you to create roads and runways and place stock or imported objects. A model importer and vehicle configurator enables you to create custom models and vehicles and share it with others. It also enables you to play with dynamic terrain deformation (craters) and more things being regularly released. 

You can fly a plane

Outerra Demo version features (Free)

  • A complete, real scale planet Earth that can be explored
  • Created from real elevation data with resolution 90m where available, 1km resolution for oceans; data are dynamically downloaded as you go
  • Further refined by fractal-based procedural techniques down to centimeter-level details
  • Vector-based road system that integrates with the procedurally generated terrain
  • Adjustable lighting and environment parameters
  • Oculus Rift support
The demo comes with the whole planet Earth that can be explored in a free-camera (UFO) mode or in a testing vehicle (8-wheeler truck). There's also a first person walking mode. 

Outerra Full version Features

  • Road and runway editor
  • Editor for placing static objects
  • Additional vehicles - aircraft driven by the JSBSim flight dynamics engine
  • Model importer for static objects, ground vehicles and aircraft
  • Ability to export and share mods with others
  • Dynamic terrain deformation (craters)

Outerra Setup

Oculus Rift Mode: Extended
Keyboard/Mouse Controls:
  • WASD
  • RF Up/Down
  • QE Rotate left/right
  • Mouse scroll wheel while moving in any direction speeds movement up/down
  • Hit escape to bring up the main menu
Flight Stick/Pads/Wheels supported
  • MadCatz Cyborg F.L.Y 5 
  • Thrustmaster T-Flight 
  • Gamepad (Dual Analog 3)
  • Logitech G27

Outerra VRCircle Rating

Cost: Demo is Free, full version is currently $15
Download Outerra
Barf Factor: 9/10
Performance: 8/10 (had to turn down some settings)
Test Machine Specifications
*10 is no barf, 0 instant barf