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Just about every millennial that grew up in California can remember the “duck and cover” campaign from grade school where it was taught that hiding under a desk could best protect you from an earthquake.   Covering yourself is an excellent idea to protect from flying debris and shattered glass, but how are people prepared to handle other situations that arise in the classroom and office buildings? 

Sadly, the rise of violent mass shootings is on the rise.  From the Columbine High School Massacre to the 2011 Seal Beach shooting (deadliest mass killing in Orange County History), San Bernardino terrorist attack and recent Orlando nightclub shooting, we need to be prepared to do much more than “duck and cover.”   

Human Condition Safety, with thoughtful consulting from members of the FBI, Navy Seals, and NYPD, has created SurviVR, to train and enhance our responses to these deadly situations.  This VR program emulates scenarios where a user faces an active shooter. The user has four options as to how they will react.  Making the wrong decision could get you killed. 

The hope is that we gain confidence in handling a deadly situation through a virtual training while conditioning our “fight or flight” response in a controlled environment.