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Family Friendly Train Runner VR for HTC Vive

If you're weary of action-heavy virtual reality games, or goofy and over-the-top experiences, then we have something rather refreshing as Rocket Entertainment, an all-new player in the rising VR space, is releasing its debut all-ages game Train Runner VR for Windows PC on HTC Vive over the Christmas period.

Train Runner VR is an original, family-friendly game in which players are immersed in a magical world where they discover a stranded puppy named Panda on railroad tracks spanning a jaw-dropping 500-foot gorge, with a runaway locomotive looming in the distance. After being propelled into the action by flying through a perilous mountain pass, players discover upon landing gadgets such as a bow and arrow to fire at the train, a ballista that launches explosive projectiles, and more. By utilizing the tools, players can defeat the train and rescue Panda. They are then free to explore the amazing world of Train Runner and all the surprises and wonder that it has to offer.

Train Runner VR will give you hours of entertainment value and fun! discover new ways to rescue Panda and enjoy new original musical scores written specifically for Train Runner.

I'll be checking out the game soon, it could be something good for the kids, perhaps.