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FeelVR Racing Seat at CES 2017

Warning: The video below is an accurate representation of my driving skills.  I’ve played race car games using the Oculus Rift before and it seems pretty realistic.  The Rift combined with the FeelVR system made me forget I was in middle of the Las Vegas Sands Hall at CES!

Feel VR has created a motion simulator primarily for VR games that creates an entirely immersive experience. With a car bucket-style racing seat, foot pedals, racing wheel, and paddle shift, you will forget its a game and will enjoy the motion and thrill of actually driving a car.  Feel VR has an incredible 350W motor with 12 Nm of torque, outperforming any gaming I’ve tried.  If car racing isn’t your thing, it’s no problem. You can switch the mode of the seat to movie or massage mode.  (That’s the added feature to convince your girlfriend that the device benefits both of you!)

The first thing I noticed, aside from my poor driving skills, was that there was no lag time between what I saw and what I felt with the seat.  When I turned a sharp corner, the seat quickly moved me to the side.  If I traveled off the track, I fought with the wheel and felt the pull to get it in the right direction.  Also, although  I hate to admit it, the experience left me sweating a bit!  It was very realistic for me, and I didn’t injure anyone in the process.     

This bundle of joy is still a prototype and not yet for sale to the public.  The anticipated sale price is $399 and date is TBD.   I’ll write an update as soon as it has been released. For now, you can join their mailing list here.

Be prepared to spend hours in your media or game room with the FeelVR!