Float, Explore, and Shoot Stuff in Space with Detached



Space is the final frontier, and VR gets you there now. Much faster than NASA or SpaceX will get you there. It may not be real, but you don’t blow up on the launchpad either.

The game Adr1ft had you floating around in orbit after a space station accident forever chasing oxygen canisters, and if like me, Adr1ft left you wanting more, then Detached from Polish team Anshar Studios may be for you.

“Left behind along with cargo detached from an enormous Class B Trawler, Big Zoe, you must make your way through an abandoned space station to recall your comrades before you run out of resources necessary to survive in the void of space. Equipped with only an advanced EVA spacesuit, your skill in zero gravity flight will be tested, both in single player and multiplayer, because while Space may be vast, you are not alone in it. The cargo did not detach on its own.

Detached is a First Person PvP Experience, designed specifically for Virtual Reality headsets, focusing on the rivalry, exploration, and survival. The game features a single player and a multiplayer mode, both involving intense skill-based flying in an astronaut suit. The game is designed to be an intense VR experience (with acceleration in all directions in space), which means it is not intended for VR-sensitive players, but those who want a more extreme experience.”

Detached is only available for the Oculus Rift so therefore requires the Xbox controller, which strangely worked just fine. The controls took a little to get used to, but after you do work very well. Detached provides a feature called “Strafing” which provides the ability to use cross-hairs to designate where you will float to, while your suit faces any direction, essentially allowing you to float in any direction while you look in another.

Detached brings one aspect that humans seem always to want to do, and that is to shoot other humans. This game has combat, but also exploration and the ability to simply enjoy the sunset over a planet while floating in an asteroid field.

Multiplayer provides a capture the flag type gameplay, where your goal is to steal the package and return it to your base before the timer runs out. If anyone gets in your way, guess what? Shoot them.

Detached is currently available from Steam Early access for $24.99

Detached VR Rating

Although the developers do say Detached is “not intended for VR-sensitive players,” I had no problem while playing for about 45 minutes. Normally, I can get nauseous. However, I did make a lot of use of the strafing feature which meant I did not need to rotate in all directions. Without that, it may have been more barfy. The performance was butter smooth the whole time and the graphics were out of this world.

VRCircle barf rating

Barf Factor: 8/10
Cost: $24.99
Performance: 10/10
Test Machine Specifications
*10 is no barf, 0 instant barf



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