Fly Like Superman at VRLA Thanks To Mindride


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VRLA, Convention Center August 29th

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Superman at the latest VRLA event.

You may not have Kryptonite running through your veins allowing you to fly through the sky (Tights and Cape optional)
However strapped to what some may consider a bondage device and donning a DK2 headset. The folks at Mindride allow you to experience what it may feel like.

Along with powerful fans blowing air on you to help simulate the effect. The simulator allows the player to move their body to control the direction of flight. The body control helps you to fly around the simulated colored balls in what I call the "Superman Simulator"

Mindride based in Los Angeles and New York create unique immersive experiences by combining a deeply human creative vision with a bleeding edge technological perspective. Mindride have over 20+ years experience in the arenas of immersive theater, large-scale events, interactive technology, ride-design, gaming, virtual and augmented reality, neuroscience, and physical computing.

The Superman simulator may not be practical for taking home. But it sure is fun.



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