Forcing Games and Demos To The Oculus Rift And Not Your Monitor


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We've all been there. You downloaded the latest demo, beta game or actual VR game only for it to appear on your main monitor and NOT your actual Oculus Rift.
There are a few "direct to rift" demos out there but most are not. So how do you ensure it goes to the rift?
I'm going to show you two ways, one using batch files and another using a nifty utility (For those of you with more than one monitor, this is particularly important)

Method 1 - For The HardCore Ex DOS User Or Windows Shortcut
The use of a batch file or Windows shortcut forces the target adapter of the executable.
Take the example of Ambient Flight.exe.
Create a Ambient Flight.bat file in the same folder where Ambient Flight.exe resides.
The add the following to your .BAT file: 
Ambient Flight.exe -adapter 1
Alternately, create a shortcut that contains [path]\Ambient Flight.exe -adapter 1

The adapter count is 0 based. Which means your main monitor is 0. The other monitor is your Rift which is 1. If you have 2, 3 or more monitors then this number may be different.

Method 2 - VR Game Manager By Bilago
Download FREE VR Game Manager By Bilago

The VR Game manager was created by a Reddit user called Bilago who wanted a more elegant solution.
Once you have VR Game Manager downloaded and copied to your chosen folder.
You need to run this as Administrator. To do this, right click the "VR_Game_Manager.exe" and select properties, select Compatibility Tab and check the box marked "Run this program as administrator" and click OK.

As you can see in the screenshot (click to zoom) it allows you to point the utility to each executable and specify the adapter.

VR Game Manager

Not only that but if you want it to disable the Oculus service first then you can (very cool)
Disable Aero I believe is not needed for Windows 8.

CPU Parking
You'll notice an option for CPU parking. This is similar to the CPU Parking Manager standalone tool but integrated into each launcher option.
What is CPU Parking?
Multi-core Intel CPUs such as Intel core i7 some of the cores in your resource monitor may appear marked as parked. This is a new feature of Windows 7/2008 operating system that is designed to balance energy consumption and performance. So let’s say if you are performing some tasks that do not consume a lot of CPU power, all the cores that are parked will remain in that state. However, if you are running something that requires a lot of CPU power, all the cores, which were previously parked, will be placed in the active state (unparked) to perform the task. And after it’s done, they will be parked again.
So why do I care?
In same cases this may cause stuttering in games as the cores change state from parked to unparked. The VR game Manager and CPU Parking Manager keeps the cores all unparked and ready to go. On some forums many people leave them at 95% but it seems some experimentation with your setup may be needed. In older i7 CPUs you will not see any parked cores.