Forget online dating, Virtual Reality Dating is the new thing


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With the likes of Match, Tinder, and the various dating sites out there, dating is big business. But why go through all the hassle of contacting a girl online, emailing a bunch times, and then meeting him/her only to find they are 40lbs and ten years older than their pictures? Why not try Virtual Reality dating?

In Japan, dating apps are very popular. However, it seems Japanese players seem to enjoy dating young Japanese school girls, which as you can see in the video below, is pretty strange...

In Summer School available on PSVR from October 13, you are a teacher working with a student Hikari Miyamoto all alone in her room. Naturally, she is dressed in stereotypical Japanese schoolgirl attire and trust me, it just gets stranger from then on.

Perhaps Tinder is not as bad after all?