Frontier Games Announces Elite Dangerous 1.1 Beta Access


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Frontier Games Announces Elite Dangerous 1.1 Beta Access

Frontier Games and their Elite Dangerous game (one of the best VR experiences out there) are planning to continue their Beta program starting from version 1.1 available in February. Existing Beta players will be able to access the program as well as new players will have the opportunity to join the program.

One of the key features Frontier announced were graphical enhancements such as depth on gas giants (Click the pic above) and collaboration with other players in the galaxy in the 1.2 update in early March.

Frontier Games Announcement:
We couldn’t be where we are today without our community. Players have been integral to the development of Elite: Dangerous over the past two years and it’s been a two-way relationship that’s set to continue throughout 2015. We have a number of major updates planned throughout the year, and our Beta backers will get exclusive access first. Beta participants will play on a separate client so testing won't keep you from playing the regular game, and all participants can continue to play the full retail game while testing is ongoing.

We’ll have ways for new players to join our existing Beta backers very soon and we’ll have details on how you can sign up in an upcoming newsletter.

Beta backers will be the first to experience Elite: Dangerous 1.1 in the first week of February and with their help we’re hoping to roll out the update to everyone one week later. We’ll be talking next week about how 1.1 will introduce a new way to collaborate with other players in the galaxy in preparation for 1.2’s major Wings update in early March.

For now we have good news for anyone embarking on a long journey. The 1.1 update will increase the maximum distance for the route planner by ten times – up to 1,000 light years – and you might just see our new look gas giants along the way...