Gear VR Innovator Edition Now Available For Order



Today is the day. You can now order your Gear VR Innovator Edition for $199.
If you live outside the US, you cannot order yet. Those are coming at a later time (not specified)

Order your Gear VR Innovater Edition

Samsung and Oculus also announced the Oculus VR Store which is initially free for everyone and starts out rather basic.
In the Oculus announcement they describe the Oculus VR Store as

Alongside Innovator Edition, we’re also launching the Oculus VR Store, an integrated discovery and distribution system for VR content built for Gear VR. It’s very basic in terms of functionality today, but it’s the beginning of a true made-for-VR content distribution and discovery platform for Oculus developers everywhere.
All of the initial content is currently free, which makes for a unique opportunity to experiment, iterate, learn, and grow the mobile VR fanbase. Early next year we plan to introduce commerce to the platform, allowing developers to monetize their VR games and applications.

Two of the games included are 
Anshar Wars by OZWE and HeroBound: First Steps by Oculus. I'll be reviewing those in the days to come. Here is a screen shot of the Oculus VR Store.
oculus VR Store

Are you ordering yours today? Remember you need a Note 4 to use this device!



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