Geek out with Smart Glasses without looking like a Geek with Intel Vaunt


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Tech is cool, but does it belong on your face? Many have tried without too much success such as Google's glass. Intel thinks you do want tech on your face without looking like a geek. Have they succeeded?

As you can see from the pictures, the Vaunt from Intel looks mostly like regular glasses. There are no buttons to press on the side or a chunky camera to take snapshots of your unsuspecting friends.

Image credit: Vjeran Pavic/The Verge

The Vaunt projects an image directly into your eye via a low powered class 1 laser. Lazer? Yeah, not as scary as it sounds. It will not burn your retina (according to Intel) and is first reflected back into your eye by a special coating on the lens of the glasses.

The image is projected into the your bottom right of your vision. Simply looking forward you cannot even see the image, making distractions and annoying popups not much of a concern. Notifications go away if you ignore them or you can gently move your head to dismiss the notification.

Vaunt by the numbers

Weight: 33 Grams or 1.2 Ounces
18 hours of battery life
Bluetooth Support for iPhone and Andriod devices
Custom Intel processor
Early access later this year in 2018
Pricing is not currently available.

Image credit: Vjeran Pavic/The Verge

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