Gleechi helps developers animate hands and fingers with VirtualGrasp


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E3 2017 and I am meeting with Jakob Johannson from Gleechi. Gleechi is one of those companies working in the background to make your VR experiences more lifelike. Gleechi specializes in accurate hand and finger animation.

In today's VR games and VR experiences hand and finger animations need to be painfully programmed and animated even to come close to accurate animation. As a result, most VR experiences are just "good enough" which results in hand and finger animations that do not look lifelike. Fingers will inaccurately move around and grasp objects spoiling the sense of "being there."

Gleechi's product VirtualGrasp makes hand and finger animations much easier by resolving the problems of hand and finger animations through a predictive and adaptive algorithm, taking into account physical constraints from the virtual objects and environments that the developers need to take into account. VirtualGrasp will fully automate the hand animation process.

VirtualGrasp software works with all the major hardware input controllers on the market, including Oculus Touch, HTC Vive, Leap Motion as well as different types of gloves and sensors. Gleechi is currently working with a few undisclosed major developers to integrate their VirtualGrasp technology into their products.

If you are a developer looking to improve your hand and finger animations, you can contact Gleechi from there site. Currently, integrations with Unity and Unreal are available.

Animated Demo of VirtualGrasp

![steven paterson meeting with Jakob Johannson from Gleechi](/content/images/2017/06/FullSizeRender.jpg)