Gloveone Lets You Feel Virtual Reality Now On Kickstarter


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The Gloveone now on Kickstarter claim to allow you to feel VR.

What if you could feel Virtual Reality? Gloveone lets you use both hands to sense & interact with virtual objects on screen/VR glasses

Impressive sounding slogan and in their promo video people who have tried it make some pretty amazing claims such as:

I Just caught a butterfly and I could feel the wings flapping in my hands

OK, great. So how does Gloveone work?

Gloveone translates touch sensations into vibrations. There are 10 actuators distributed along the palm and fingertips of Gloveone, which vibrate independently at different frequencies and intensities, reproducing accurate touch sensations.

Gloveone also includes a 9-Axis IMU sensor to help improve the experience with Gloveone to perform things such as execute commands just by touching your fingers. Four sensors located in your palm, thumb, index and middle fingers detect the contact between them, and can be used to fire a gun, grab a petal or to control the menu. Since the sensors are physically in the gloves unlike other gesture recognition systems, contact-triggered commands do not suffer from false positives or negatives.

Gloveone has a working prototype and will use their Kickstarter funds to build more devices to help build developer support.

Currently their SDK has support for Windows in C++ and C#, and an optimized package for Unity3D integrated within LeapMotion and RealSense libraries to easily interact with these sensors. Likewise, it is provided with a package for Unity3D where LeapMotion and Oculus Rift libraries are integrated to create virtual reality experiences integrated with GloveOne.

Gloveone have their developer site up and running, located here:

How much? $199 pledge will get you your very own Gloveone and access to the SDK with shipping expected in February 2016.

Last thoughts... If Oculus are not already working on something like this. Perhaps they may be snapped up soon...