Google Release LIVE 360-Degree Video Streaming Starting with Coachella


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Google first launched support for 360-degree videos back in March 2015.  Now Google has released the ability for content providers to stream LIVE 360-degree video.

Google will showcase this new technology by streaming select artists at Coachella this weekend.

Google also announced the launch of spatial audio. Spatial audio allows you to listen along as you do in real life, where depth, distance, and intensity all play a role. You can try this for yourself with these sample videos. Android device is required for the Spatial audio to work.

What excites me most about 360-degree storytelling is that it lets us open up the world's experiences to everyone. Students can now experience news events in the classroom as they unfold. Travelers can experience faraway sites and explorers can deep-sea dive, all without the physical constraints of the real world. And today's kids dreaming of going to a basketball game or a concert can access those experiences firsthand, even if they're far away from the court. What were once limited experiences are now available to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Note however that Spatial audio currently is not supported along with live streaming. It is one or the other, for now.