Google's Daydream? Sends me to SLEEP


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Some of you may be wondering why I didn't write about the announcement from Google I/O of the new Google VR headset.
Before the event, rumors were flying high about an all inclusive VR headset sitting somewhere between Gear VR and the Rift or Vive.
What did we end up getting? Something that so far interests me no more than the poop I laid this morning.

Google Daydream?

First off. An existing Andriod feature has already used the Daydream name. The Daydream feature allows Android device’s charging/docking screen to display practically anything you want. The Daydream feature allows you to configure your device to display when it’s “daydreaming.” Standard choices include “Clock” (a clock, duh), “Colors” (slowly changing colors), “Photo Frame” (a photo slideshow), and “Photo Table.”

The folks at Google could not think up a better name? Really?

What is Google Daydream?

At Google I/O there was no physical device to review, play with or touch. There was a slide of a reference design that includes the headset, where you insert your Daydream approved phone and a controller. The controller assists you navigating the VR environment similar to the Oculus Remote. So similar in fact, it looks just like the Oculus Remote just white. Google’s remote, unlike Oculus does track your hand movement.

But 4K Phones Are Cool

Google daydream will bring a need for 4K Phones, which will make the experience better and perhaps drive the move to 4k on high-end headsets too. Anyone who has tried the Rift or Vive would love to reduce further the pixels (screen door effect) on their devices. Remember just because the screen is 4k, does not mean the computer has to produce a 4K image natively, although that would be ideal.

When Can I Daydream?

No release date was announced except an estimate of this fall. 

How much will Daydreaming cost me?

You can sit down, close your eyes and do this for free today. However, if you wish to do this with Google Daydream, no price was announced.


On this site, we primarily focus on the high end with the Rift, Vive and perhaps PlayStation VR. Mobile VR just does not excite me; I want the power of a PC driving the best experience I can get today.

So yes. Google Daydream sends me to sleep.