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Hands on Review of Mech Shooter Archangel on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

Archangel is a Mech VR shooter from developer Skydance Interactive, available today from Steam, Oculus Home, and Viveport on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

First released exclusively on PSVR in July, Archangel puts you in control of a six-story tall Mech.

In Archangel, you’ll discover that you’ve been selected by the United States Free Forces, the resistance, to pilot a one-of-a-kind weapon: a six-story high war machine built to destroy. You’re dropped into the cockpit of a giant mech to lead your squadron into battle against HUMNX, a private conglomerate that governs what little is left of a ravaged America. Grab the controls and watch as your own two massive mech hands surge to life! Fire at will on your enemies with an incredible array of high-powered weapons, or punch a plane from the sky with one hand while machine-gunning a hovercopter with the other — all without breaking a sweat.

Warning: Game spoilers ahead

Archangel starts with you on a train heading towards the military base of the United States Free Forces with your son. The train allows you to walk around in VR. However, the game is designed as a seated or standing experience.

After you arrive and complete Mech training, the base is attacked and your son killed in front of you. Now it is time to attack the enemy and gain revenge for your son's death.

Archangel Controls

Everything is controlled from the Vive or Touch controllers. The menu options are selected by reaching out and pushing the virtual buttons.

Archangel Oculus Rift

Archangel makes full use of the Vive and Rift controllers to control the Mech arms and fire weapons. The left controller fires rockets, the right controller machine guns. Pressing A or X controls the shields on each arm. The weapons fire head in the direction that the arm is pointing.

Looking down to see your massive arms that you fully control is pretty fun and unique. Feeling frustrated? You can even punch bridges and swipe aircraft from the sky by swinging your massive arms!

Archangel Oculus Rift

Archangel Gameplay & Graphics


Archangel is a rails experience with the movement of your Mech following a predefined course. Frankly, with the amount of shooting I was doing with rockets, machine guns and protecting myself with the shields. I never felt I missed controlling the Mech. Archangel rewards gameplay with upgrades to your Mech after each mission. On the standard difficulty level, I died many times sending me back to the last checkpoint. I recommend you make good use of those shields.

You can expect between three to five hours of gameplay from Archangel with decent storytelling to maintain your interest.


Graphics in Archangel are AAA and first rate. Looking down from the six-story mech gave me a real sense of scale. Graphics are detailed and well animated and ran smoothly on my rig (980ti)

Archangel Summary

Archangel is a fun and engaging mech shooter providing the kind of gameplay ideal for VR. Assuming you are OK with the $40 $30 price tag, then I would recommend downloading Archangel for some fun VR gaming. As for VR nausea? None.

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