How To Control Your Computer With VoiceAttack


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Using a Head-Mounted Display (HMD) turns you into a blind person. The HMD allows you to see beautiful VR worlds but forces you to fumble for your keyboard or mouse in the real world. Most of the time you're compelled to remove the HMD to find the keyboard/mouse and do whatever you need.
What if you could simply say the command?  Such as "Close Window" or "Cancel"
Better yet, if you're playing a flight simulator or Elite Dangerous "Landing Gear Up" or "Engage Hyperdrive"
Good news VR fans, you can with an excellent tool called VoiceAttack.
VoiceAttack offers a free 21-day trial, or you can purchase the full version for only $8
Here is how you set it up for Windows commands (Or skip to the end for the Video):

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Setup VoiceAttack and Windows

  1. Download and install VoiceAttack
  2. Setup your microphone in Windows (option 2 in screenshot below)
    You'll find this in Control panel under ease of access, speech recognition.

  3. Train your computer to better understand you (Option 4 in screenshot above)
    This takes about 5 minutes and improves how well it works
  4. Now you're done with Windows. Open up VoiceAttack

  5. The program comes with some simple commands built in, such as "Open Calculator."
    Go ahead, try it. Cool right?
Setup Some Basic Commands
  1. Here are the commands I setup for some basics: Open Browser, Close Window, Open Photoshop, Open VRCircle etc.
  2. I'll cover open browser and open VRCircle. The rest are very similar:
  3. Click on the Edit profile icon to display the Edit a Profile window:

    The first thing I do is change the default profile name to Windows. You may add some game profiles later.
  4. Now click New Command:

    In the box that says When I say type in what you want to say to perform your command, in this case, "Open Browser."
  5. Then click Other button on the left to display the other stuff window:

    Select Run an Application from the drop down.
    In the text box below, paste in the location of your browser program. Click properties on the icon if you're unsure where it is.
    Click on Test Run to make sure it works. Click OK, then OK on the previous window, then Done on profile window.
    Try it out, say "Open Browser."
    Amazing right?
  6. To make the browser open to a specific page just add to the second text box "With these parameters" in the other stuff window.
  7. For the close window command. Use the key press option and use ALT + F4, which will close the topmost Window.

    Enjoy even greater productivity in your Windows experience and greater access to any commands while in VR.
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