How to enable Oculus Rift in Assetto Corsa - UPDATED



How to enable Oculus Rift in Assetto Corsa
Back in October I reported how to get Assetto Corsa working in the Oculus Rift. That process still works, however I have found a better way. This new method allows you to maintain all your Assetto Corsa Menus on your regular monitor and have the Rift play the game without the need to move the window. If you've already followed the steps in the previous article you can jump to step 3 or scroll to the end for video instructions.
Step 1 - Prepare Assetto Corsa For Oculus Rift
In My Documents folder \Assetto Corsa\cfg\ open video.ini file and change the top section as follows:



Step 2 - Set Up Rift For Assetto Corsa Support
Set Oculus Rift into extended mode from the Rift Display Mode Option

Step 3 Configure Assetto Corsa For Main Monitor & Oculus Rift Support

  • Launch Assetto Corsa
  • Menu: Options -> General uncheck the box marked GPU-accelerated game launcher
  • Quit Assetto Corsa
  • In My Documents folder \Assetto Corsa\cfg\ edit the Launcher.ini file.
    Change Fullscreen to 0
  • In the Windows Screen Resolution set your Oculus to primary display:
  • Ensure steam is on your main monitor and launch Assetto Corsa
  • Double check your graphics settings are:
    1920x1080 74Hz and set the mode to Oculus
  • Ctrl + space to recenter your view
  • Try using voice commands to easily Exit the game. I can just say "Close Window" and the main window will close, in this case return you to the menus. See How To Control Your Computer With VoiceAttack
  • If the game crashes after you start a game
  • Go to Options -> Video -> Effects.
  • Change effect preset to None
Enjoy racing in the best Oculus Rift racing game. Pity it is such a pain to get running.

Cost: $49.99 Currently on Steam
Barf Factor: 10/10 *
Performance: 10/10 Max Settings
Test Machine Specifications
*10 is no barf, 0 in
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Thanks! Can I just say how much time, tears and frustration your stuff save me? 

BTW,  this game once you get it working is so awesome!! 

Off to amazon to order a racing wheel.  Anyone have any recommendations ?

Glad to help! 
As for racing wheels, I have the Logitech G27 racing wheel, as featured here on my test setup: 


I have the Logitech G25 (previous version) 
I love it, G27 sounds better so for it!

Thanks, works great...but...while driving; the farther down the track view is kind of blurry and I can see the screen pixels which is very distracting, the close up view is great looking at inside car details. I tried wearing my glasses (I'm a little near sighted, not real bad, I read up close pretty good; but that sight is actually starting to get dull) with glasses didn't see much change, also changed leans to "B" ones, maybe a tiny better but not enough to make this less uncomfortable. I have in assetto the (I think its called..)Horizon or draw distance ,set to highest quality also almost all other details are set to high too. 
Am I the only one having this problem ( seeing the pixels and blurry far away)??? If anybody else is having this problem and knows of some solutions I could try; 
I would be forever grateful. I love assetto, but I don't think I can drive much with this problem. 
Thanks for any help you could give me... 

Hi John 

Unfortunately this is just the downside of the DK2 native 1080p resolution. The resolution is just not high enough for decent draw distances. 
It does make it much harder to see the corners coming up. Upside at least you can easily turn to see the corner exit once you're in it. 

If you're using DSR, try use it with a higher resolution (and then chose that in game) to force the GPU to downscale from a higher resolution. Usually sorts out pixelation with OR.

One question here please . The image from the video , is it really what you are getting in the rift ? Because I have set up my dk2 following all th instruction here and the image I am getting on my dk2 are millions miles away from what I see here ...... 
Is this normal or am I doing somehting wrong somewhere ? 

The image in the picture and video is what you see. Of course on the DK2 you see each eye and it merges correctly and should look better than the video. 
What are you seeing in the DK2?

thanks for the reply . I have an image with is kind of "pixel porridge". 
I am exaggerating here but the image I am getting is far away from the one I can see here ... 
Is there a way to have a screenshot of what you really get throughout the lenses of your rift so I can compare ?   

Also , I can not change the resolution other than via the cfg file , ingame I am getting a small white windows instead of the drop down menu ... 

thanks !

Hi there, 

The screenshot at the top of the article is the screenshot of the DK2 of what the computer "sees" 
When viewed through the DK2 you look at each side with each eye and the DK2 lenses create the 3D VR effect. 
The image you see in very pixelated since the resolution is pretty low. It looks more so when looking at bright scenes which is why Elite Dangerous is best since in space. 
Are you seeing the pixels or is something worse? 

This doesn't seem to work anymore. The launcher will only run in fullscreen mode on the primary display now.

Hi Stephen, 

I tested again this morning, still works great.  You need to make sure steam is on your second monitor, then the launcher will appear in that window. When the game launches will be on the rift. Also take note of the known issues above. Good luck!

Thanks for the reply. I'll try it again, but I'm sure I followed the instructions correctly. Does it matter that I have dual monitors, plus the DK2? 3 Displays total.

Nevermind, I'm an idiot...

Hi man!  thx for the the tutorial ! It works great  BUT , how can i adjust the car setup now ? If i press ESC , the game stand still - no freeze, it run`s but i cant do anything at this point.... 


Can you clarify what you mean by "adjust car setup"?

he means the ability of tuning your car before racing . 

The response is you DO NOT have access to this yet while using the rift . 
May be they will fix it in the nest patch 

ah k. No options while in rift, just race! 
My driving is not good enough for tuning to make much difference!

Hi guys, thx for sharing this information w/us all. 

I have a question and I'm completely new to Rift, I literally just got it a week ago and I barely had time to fire it up. 

I followed your instructions and it seems to be working, however what I see w/my left eye and what I see w/my right eye it not lining up so that it looks like one continues screen. I don't know if that explains clearly what I mean. 

I have installed InMind VR and that thing works flawless, I'm dizzy as sh!t but it worked and I could see one continues screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers!

Congrats on the arrival of your DK2. I hope you're enjoying it! 

Have you gone through and configured the rift in the configuration utility?
There are also advanced options in there to set up the IPD settings, your height and so on. That may help.

I did it but I guess I don't know WTF I'm doing. LOL. Sad but true. 

Any good reading u can recommend for me on that (link)?

I have a basic setup guide here: 

Make sure your eye relief settings on the Oculus setup match the eye relief dials on your physical DK2: 


Go into the advanced options you can run the IPD measuring app to set yours up. Here is my set up below: 

Lastly Oculus have a decent guide here: 

However since you say you have done all that then you should be good to go. 
Do you wear glasses whilst wearing the DK2?

Hi, thanks again for helping me out. I do not wear glasses w/Oculus. I will go back through all this again and verify my shhhtuff. I will come back and update the thread as well. 
I appreciate the help man!

Hi, first of all..sorry for my english. 
The overall support works fine for me, but I'm having some issues with the image. 
With post proccessing enabled, everything is too bright. It's like starring directly at the sun. 
Disabling post precces effects makes the image too dark. 
I played around with the post effect settings a bit, but I couldn't fix this issue. 
Is there a solution for this?

hey driver, 

English seems fine. I have not experienced this problem before with this or any other game. In assetto corsa the sky is pretty bright in the DK2, is it that or is the entire image too bright?



Steven Paterson

Based in California. I am Scottish, I like Scotch and, oh yeah, a little VR too.