How To Enable Oculus Rift Support In Dying Light - Zombie Bashing


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How To Enable Oculus Rift Support In Dying Light - Zombie Bashing

It all seems like the ideal VR experience. Shoot a zombie, stomp a zombie, bash a zombie and generally abuse a zombie. But is it?
Find out for yourself by this simple tweak to Dying Light to enable Oculus Rift support. Of course there is no menu option for it, that would be too easy. You will need to tweak a file to do so.

Dying Light Oculus SetUp

  1. Depending on how you installed Dying light. It would be under one of these two locations
    Browse to either: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\
    OR user/my documents/dying light/
  2. Edit (notepad is fine) the video.scr. If you cannot see the file. Then change windows explorer to view all file types.
  3. At the end of the file add the following line OculusEnabled(). End of file should look like:
  4. Save and start your game

Dying Light Oculus Rift Experience/Performance

Is it Zombie killing VR nirvana? Alas it is not.
  • Subtitles and on-screen tutorial instructions are close to unreadable. This is largely due to the 1080p DK2
  • Black boxes just seem to randomly appear, then disappear.
  • Performance was pretty chopping with my setup (GTX 780)
    I turned OFF Blur, HBAO and DOF to get smooth frame rates.
  • As with other first-person type games I've played on the Rift. Nausea kicks in quick and hard.
    Movements that are normal with a mouse/keyboard/monitor combo quickly cause nausea on the Rift.
    Side stepping seems to hit me the hardest.
    I lasted only 10 minutes, I was done.
  • There is no Oculus camera enabled for motion tracking. Just head tracking with the headset.
  • To be fair to the developer Techland. They do not advertise this as being an official VR game so its nice they have something. Just bring your barf bucket.
  • As a side note. Seems that PC game pricing is matching consoles in many more cases. PC games were priced around $49.99, console $59.99. This game now costs $59.99 on steam and I don't even get a box!

Cost: $59.99
Barf Factor: 3/10
Performance: 6/10 Ran on Medium Settings
Test Machine Specifications
*10 is no barf, 0 instant barf