How To Enable Voice Commands In Elite Dangerous With VoiceAttack


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Example Voice Commands In The Elite Voice Pack

Few days ago I covered How To Control Your Computer With VoiceAttack which leads very nicely into how you apply that to your VR experience, and in particular, games.
As you all probably know. Elite Dangerous is still my favorite VR game and applying voice commands to Elite Dangerous just brings out my inner geek.
Picture this... Playing Elite Dangerous with the Oculus Rift headset and you simple say "Three quarter impulse" or "Weapons full power". The computer verbally answers you and performs that command. You're immersed in the game even more than you were before.

How to enable voice commands in Elite Dangerous
There are essentially two ways to do this. You can spend the time programming all the various commands in VoiceAttack and perhaps purchase a few voices to respond to your commands or purchase an Elite Dangerous Voice pack.
I chose the latter. There are many voice packs out there for Elite Dangerous, but this one is my favorite:
Download Elite Dangerous Voice Pack

The voice pack can be purchased for £4.99 or around $7.50 but does come with all the commands preprogrammed and voice commands recorded. There are up to 1128 separate commands. Here are some examples:

  • Landing Gear Up/Down
  • Deploy Fuel Scoop
  • Deploy Weapons
  • Drop Chaff
  • Exit Supercruise
  • Convert Power to shields
  • Clear the dock and engage jump (This performs a timed macro; engages afterburner, max speed and waits for a bit then engages jump drive
  1. Install latest version of VoiceAttack
  2. Ensure you have fully trained your computer with your voice.
  3. Unzip to a folder the Elite Dangerous voice pack
  4. Run setup.exe and leave all options as default
  5. Within VoiceAttack, create a new profile then import the voice pack from:
    c:\Program File(x86)\Voice Attack\Sounds\hcspack\profiles\[select your profile]
    The full profile includes the commands and database of information such as "What are comets"?
    If you're unsure how to create a new profile, see my VoiceAttack how-to