How to get Oculus Rift Echo Arena for FREE


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Last month Oculus opened up the E-Sports game Echo Arena, which bears a striking resemblance to the movie Enders Game for free during an open Beta weekend. Thanks to a deal with Intel, the developers of Echo Arena, Ready at Dawn, will make the game FREE to anyone for the first three months starting July 20th. Echo Arena launches alongside Lone Echo, a first-person, sci-fi adventure using the same zero-g control system and Oculus Touch controllers.

Echo Arena will be priced at $20. However, here are the best ways to get Echo Arena for free:

  1. Download the game for free within three months of July 20, 2017. Keep forever.
  2. You can purchase Lone Echo and download Echo Arena for free with no time restriction.

You can still take advantage of the pre-order pricing on Lone Echo now for $34.99 before it returns to regular pricing of $39.99.

The game supports full 360-degree tracking and requires Oculus Touch.

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